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Had a bad car accident today. My car is totaled. I'm fine but I'm still really mad at myself. Now I don't have a car. 
Rain pelted down upon the city of Zootopia as night fell upon it's residents. Thick droplets hammered upon the glass of the skyscrapers and turned to snow when it hit the chilled air of Tundra town. The residents of Sahara Square on the other hand enjoyed the respite from the heat of their home and journeyed out to enjoy the cool liquid falling from the skies while those in the Rain forest District prepared for the possibility of a flood. 

All of this was lost on the driver of the ambulance racing through the streets of the Downtown District. It's light's flashing brightly as it skidded to a halt at the entrance to the ER of the Zootopia Memorial Hospital. The back doors opened and a stretcher containing a badly wounded bunny wearing a torn and bloody Zootopia Police Department uniform was rushed out by a pair of Oryx EMTs. The bunny was barely conscious as blood seeped out from a large bandage that had been taped down to her chest. One of the EMT's held an IV drip bag above the bunny as he and his partner rushed the horribly wounded animal into the ER.
Less than ten seconds after having arrived a police cruiser with it's lights flashing sped into the parking lot and without even waiting to turn off the car a fox wearing a blood stained ZPD officer's uniform jumped out and rushed towards the door the bunny had been taken through. Ignoring the protests of the receptionist at the front desk he raced down the corridor the EMTs had taken. He quickly caught up with the stretcher and ran alongside it as the EMTs moved the bunny towards the operating room.

"Judy!?" He called out to the bunny, trying and failing to hide the desperation and fear in his voice.

Officer Judy Hopps looked up through half closed eyes. Her amethyst eyes having trouble focusing on the figure leaning over her. 

" that you?" Her voice was barely above a whisper as she struggled to focus on the blurry image of the fox. A small amount of blood leaked from the corner of her mouth as she spoke.

"I'm here Judy. Don't worry you're going to pull through this!" He took her paw in his own and held it tightly as he looked over at one of the EMT's, hoping for some confirmation of what he had just told Judy. The EMT looked at him for a few seconds with eyes that had been hardened by constant exposure to death and suffering. He seemed to be debating what to say before just giving Nick a subtle nod. "Yeah. She'll be fine." The word's rang hollow as the EMT's rushed Judy into the operating room as various doctor's and nurses surrounded her. One nurse, a small otter, came over to Nick and started to usher him out.

"I'm sorry officer but you'll have to wait outside, we'll let you know when she's stabilized but right now you need to go to the waiting room." Nick looked down at the nurse and then back at Judy as the doctor's got to work before taking a knee and grabbing the nurse's shoulders.

"Please. You have to save her. Please...let me know when she's alright." The nurse looked at Nick for several seconds before gently patting his paw. "Don't worry we have the best doctors in the whole city here and I can assure you that they will not rest until your partner is okay." 

Nick just slowly nodded his thanks as the nurse rushed back into the OR, leaving Nick kneeling on the floor in an ever growing puddle of blood and water dripping off his soaking wet uniform. 

Finally after what seemed hours but was close to a couple minutes Nick managed to pull himself together and drag his body off the floor. He unsteadily made his way back to the waiting room, ignoring the looks he was getting from the other mammals waiting there for news of their own loved ones as he slowly sat down in a chair off to the side away from the others. The last thing that he needed right now was their stares boring into his soul as he waited for news on Judy. 

Judy. How? How could he have let this happen to her? His partner, his best friend. The one mammal in the city who had given a damn about him when everyone else had tossed him to the curb. And he had failed her. Why had he let her run into that alleyway by herself? Why did she have to be so reckless all the time? Why the hell had they decided to follow up on that last lead rather than just call it a day!? 

Nick placed his head into his paws and rubbed his eyes. Never let them see that they get to you. That was his motto. The basis of his entire life over the last twenty years and it was finally starting to falter. All thanks to one overly emotional bunny who had the noble, and at times rather annoying ability to see the good in everyone. Who would have thought that she would finally be the one to break through the mental barriers that he had literally spent a lifetime erecting. 

Right then the floodgates finally came crashing down and the tears fell from Nick's emerald eyes. Tears that had not been seen by anyone in years fell to the floor around his feet as his thoughts strayed to Judy laying in the operating room clinging to life by a thread. And all because of him. 

He sat there quietly sobbing for some time. His sensitive ears continued to pick up the sounds going on around him, loved ones being comforted or consoled by nurses as they were delivered the worst news of their lives about their loving parent, sibling, or spouse. Or the cries of joy of others realizing that their beloved would pull through. It was all white noise to Nick. He didn't want to hear or think about any of it. All he wanted in the world was to know that Judy would be alright and nothing more. 

The sound of heavy footsteps and claws clicking on linoleum broke Nick from his self loathing as he detected the scent of donuts in the air. He looked up to see an obese Cheetah wearing a ZPD uniform heading in his direction followed by a Wolf and Tiger, both also wearing ZPD uniforms identical to his own. 

Despite his massive girth the Cheetah was the first to reach Nick and without a word grabbed him in a bone crushing hug that Nick swore cracked a few of his vertebrae. 

"NICK!! Oh I'm...I'm...I'm just so glad to see that you're alright. After I heard about Judy over the radio I could barely hold myself together and then I didn't hear anything about you and I...I was so worried that I had lost my two favorite officers!!!" 

Nick gagged in response. "Clawhauser. I need you to let me go so I can breathe." Clawhauser looked at the gasping fox in his arms before letting him go. Nick fell to the floor gasping as he looked up at officer Benjamin Clawhauser; the dispatch officer at the ZPD. Considering his job he had been the first that Nick had called upon Judy being wounded and Nick had a feeling that the highly emotional cheetah had been worrying himself sick ever since. The sprinkles covering his face and icing on his claws further proof that he had been indulging in his normal form of stress relief. Eating. 

After finally catching his breath Nick wiped his paw across his eyes to remove any residual evidence of the tears and stood as he took Clawhauser's paw in his own. Putting on his best calm facade for him. 

"Thanks Clawhauser. I really appreciate you coming down here and I'm sure that Judy will as well once she...wakes up." Nick looked past Clawhauser at the Wolf and Tiger. "Fangmeyer, Delgato. Bogo told me on the radio that he would be sending someone over to get my statement but he didn't say who. I'm glad it's you two. I really needed the friendly faces right about now." 

Fangmeyer stepped forward with Delgato in tow and knelt down so that he was at eye level with Nick. "Hey man don't worry about it. We actually volunteered for this. You and Judy have pulled our tails out of the fire plenty of times before. If we can be here for you now it's the least we can do. Right Delgato?" The tiger standing behind him nodded and moved over to Nick with a duffel bag held in his claws. 

"I'm sorry about this Nick but we have to confiscate your uniform and equipment as evidence as it has Judy's blood on it. Same goes for whatever you're wearing underneath it." Nick raised an eyebrow at them. "So what you want me to walk around here naked?" Despite the tense setting and circumstances this comment managed to get a slight smile out of the three mammals as Delgato opened the bag and pulled out a set of sweat pants and a T-shirt. 

"We uhh...rummaged around in your locker a bit before coming here. Figured that you would want something comfortable to wear." Nick looked at the shirt and pants and then back at the tiger. "You didn't happen to bring any soap did you. I...I really need to get this blood off my fur." It was at this point that the three officers noted the slightly darker red splotches on the tops of Nick's paws which continued up his wrists and up his arms into his uniform. 

Delgato let out a deep sigh. "Sorry Wilde. Forensics is on there way and will be here in half an hour. They want samples of everything which I would assume also includes your fur." Nick let out a quiet groan as he took the bag from the two of them and headed in the direction of the bathroom. Just as he stepped through the door Delgato called back to him. 

"We'll be waiting to take your statement in the cafeteria once you're done." With that the three of them head to the cafeteria as Nick went into the bathroom. 

His first order of business was to lock the door behind him as he turned and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He wasn't a pretty sight. The rain had done a number on his normally well kept fur and the blood on his claws and fur along with his bloodshot eyes only added to his rather haggard look. 

He looked down at his blood stained uniform and thoughts of Judy came crashing back into his mind. Anger at himself boiled up to the surface and without a second thought Nick tore the blood soaked garment from his body. Then his blood T-shirt followed by his boxers which to his consternation were also covered in Judy's blood. He continued to undress until he was standing nude in front of the mirror. He could now see just how much of Judy's blood had seeped through the uniform and had stained his fur. The red splotches looking like tribal paint that he had seen on bunny figurines at the museum. 

It made him sick. Back when he and Judy had solved the Nighthowler Case he had been silently terrified the whole time. Terrified that he too could go savage and rip Judy apart. The thought of her lying dead in his jaws, her blood covering his body as he devoured her limp form had been a real fear in his mind at the time and one that he had managed to finally suppress. Although the little act that the two of them had done to get Bellweather to confess hadn't helped he had managed to hide his fears quite well from Judy. But now...seeing her blood actually staining his fur, his claws. He couldn't help it anymore. The mental images came rushing back as a small voice in the back of his head kept repeating the same phrase over and over again. 

"Why did you let this happen to her?" 

Without a second thought Nick rushed to he sink. Not caring about evidence any longer as he used the soap dispenser liberally, wetting his paws and rubbing vigorously against all the spots on his fur where Judy's blood had stained it. He rubbed hard to try and get it out. The flesh under his fur quickly turning red as he worked his claws roughly against the skin and where that didn't work he literally tore clumps of fur out. Not Judy. He would never hurt Judy. He would never abandon her. Not again. Not ever. 

His own blood was now running through his wet paws but he didn't stop. He looked at his pawpads and viciously attacked them as well. Rubbing hard with his other paw until the flesh was raw and there was no further trace of Judy's blood. He looked carefully all over his body. Ignoring the pain of the numerous bald spots and other areas he had rubbed or in some cases clawed raw in order to rid himself of any traces of her blood. 

Finally satisfied Nick took large clumps of paper towel in his paws and dried himself off, filling and causing the garbage can in the corner to overflow. Finally satisfied Nick took his clothes out of the bag and put them on before looking at himself once more in the mirror and wiping away the last few remnants of tears. 

"Never let them see that they get to you." He muttered quietly as he unlocked the door and headed to the cafeteria. 

Delgato and Fangmeyer were sitting at a corner table and Nick quickly went over and sat down across from them as Delgato produced a notebook while Fangmeyer started a tape recorder running. 

"Alright Nick. This is on the record so please be as detailed as possible and don't leave anything out." Nick nodded as he took in a deep breath and repeated his motto several more times in his head before beginning. 

"It all started this morning." 
ZPD Chronicles Prologue: Always Protect
Well here it is. The prologue to my Zootopia fanfic that I will be updating periodically throughout the year. 

If you haven't seen the movie Zootopia yet then I highly recommend that you get out and watch it before reading this because frankly if you haven't seen it you will be totally lost while reading this. 

Anyways the story takes place about a year after the events of the movie. Nick and Judy have been partners in the ZPD for about six months now and things have been going quite well for the two of them. Until now. 

So how did Judy wind up like this? Well you'll just have to wait until the next chapter to find out. Hope that you all enjoy it. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. 

Zootopia (c) Disney 
First Zootopia chapter delayed by a day. Had...something very important going on today. 
Going to have the first chapter of my Zootopia story up by the end of the week. Hope that you guys like it. 
Just want to wish the amazing artist :iconcattensu: a happy birthday today. 

Hope that you have a great one Amanda. 
Hey everyone so it's a new year and I am planning on giving you all a fantastic set of new stories this year. So what is on the plate? Well let's just take a look shall we. 

1. Zootopia fanfic: This is the big project that I am going to focus on this year. I fell in love with the movie the first time that I saw it and I want to add to the story that the filmmakers have already created. While a ton of people already have on Seriously check it out. There are literally over a thousand Zootopia fanfics on there already. Either way I hope that you all enjoy this one and some of the pictures that I am going to have commissioned for it over the following months. 

2. RD Valentines Day project: This is going to be a short one shot that is nothing but cute and romantic fluff. Not really anything else to say about this one. 

3. Whatever I feel like writing: I'm just going to take this year really easy with my writing and make some stories here and there whenever I feel like it. 

So that's what I have planned so far. Maybe more coming maybe not. Hope that you all enjoy it. 
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I'm somewhat of a nerd who has incredibly wide and varied interests. Pokemon and videogames are obviously my two big ones but I also love watching cartoons, reading books, and shooting guns. Yeah I know the last one doesn't seem to mesh but I'm not joking when I say I'm a firearms expert.

I originally started here in 2010 after spending a good seven months of observing the amazing works of :icontamarinfrog: and reading the unforgettable stories of :iconpynni: Their work inspired me to start writing more serious Pokemon fanfiction than the poorly done half assed stories I had created earlier. From there I just took off and have been writing Pokemon fanfiction since and have made many new friends in the process including:








It's been a lot of fun so far and I hope for it to continue into the future. Besides that I'm generally a cheery guy with a big heart and an ego to match (At least I'm willing to admit it)

On a side note I don't do story commissions but I will occasionally do requests, although that's usually only for really good friends.

Current Residence: Wisconsin
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Comics
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: IPOD
Shell of choice: Blue one (I've never played Final Fantasy)
Wallpaper of choice: Anything involving Pokemon
Favourite cartoon character: Slappy Squirrel
Personal Quote: Always look on the bright side of life.



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